Best Online Tote Betting USA

We want to help you have an incredible experience every time you visit an online American betting site, which is why we have created this website. Not only do we review different sites for you in one convenient place, we also offer all kinds of advice on different sports and bets, and when to choose which markets and possibilities. With that in mind, we knew we had to give you some guidelines on finding and using the best online totes.

Online American betting sites offer two basic betting structures: fixed odd bets that are more common for sports and tote bets that are most typical in races. In fixed odd bets, you know the exact odds when you place your bet and you know that these will not change. In tote bets, also called pool or pari-mutuel bets, all wagers on one even are pooled together and the odds change with the number of wagers that are placed.

The fluctuating odds make things even more exciting for bettors and are one of the reasons pool bets are so popular. The favorites are sure things are what most people back, so underdogs tend to have very long odds. If you have good information and feel confident that a long shot will actually win on the day, backing that horse could be one of the best online totes you ever place. On the other hand, if more people than you expected learn about your tip the odds may swing the other way and no longer be in your favor. Placing the best totes in different situations takes a shrewd ability to read all influencing factors. It’s an art in itself that takes time to learn.

There are places where the types of bets available online in America as totes or at fixed odds overlap, and where they are quite different. Totes offer a wider selection, so choosing the best online totes in each situation can be more challenging but ultimately more rewarding as well.

The simplest pool and fixed odds bets are win and place wagers, where all you need to do is predict which horse will win or take second or third place. They are combined in an each way bet, where you need to say who will come in the top three places. These straight wagers are a great place for beginners to start getting to grips with online betting sites. For more of a challenge you can try to name the first two or first three horses, in the correct order, for exacta and trifecta punts.

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Tote Betting Variety

There are also several Pot totes to explore as you become more confident. In all of these, you make predictions for more than one race. In the Quadpot you need to name the horses you thing will win or place in the third to sixth races held on one day. The Placepot is the same, for the first six races. The Jackpot is more challenging but also more rewarding, and requires you to name the horses that will come first in the day’s first six races. The Scoop 6 is an exotic version, where the six races can come anywhere in the day’s line-up. There are other exotic pints to discover as well, which can be the best online totes available.

Armed with these guidelines, put effort finding the totes that work best for you. The only way to know what works is to spend time at American online sports betting sites.