Online Boxing Betting

If you are an online sports betting fan, you have probably considered betting on a Boxing match or two. It is undeniable that boxing holds a fascination for many people. For most people, boxing is a sport that creates a sense of excitement and tension whenever a fight is held. In the US, boxing is one of the most popular online betting sports. The action and drama of a major fight daws spectators from all around the globe. It is no wonder that online Boxing Betting has become one of the biggest online betting markets in the US today. Since most people cannot be ringside for the match, internet betting allows bettors to place any number of online bets with just a push of a button.

For those who are new boxing and online Boxing Betting, there is no need to worry. The betting options available online cater for both the novice and the expert bettor. In boxing, there are actually quite a number of betting options available. The most commonly placed online and online bets are explained below:

  • Straight Win bet – A straight win bet is a basic bet where a bettors chooses which fighter he thinks will win the bout. This is the ideal bet for first time or novice bettors.
  • First Punch Bet – This is a simple bet where a bettor can bet on which fighter will land the first punch of the match.
  • Points Bet – A points bet is where a bettor chooses the total number of points a fighter will accumulate during the match.
  • Knockout Bet – In Boxing betting, a knockout bet is where a bettor takes a bet on whether the fight will end with a TKO decision or with a knockout.
  • Round Bets – Round bets are similar to Asian handicap bets where a bettor can choose which fighter will win in a specific round.
  • Multiple Bets – In some cases, there will be multiple fights on a night’s bill. In these boxing betting situations, some online betting sites will actually take bets similar to horse racing bets, allowing an online bettor to up their odds by picking the winners of multiple fights for the evening
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Boxing Betting Tips Online

When it comes down to betting, choosing a winning fighter should be based on past performance and current fitness of the fighter in question. With online boxing betting, bettors should always take into account where the fight is being held as well as the mental and physical condition of each fighter. For accurate betting, bettors should research the current status of each fighter and be well informed on the professional opinions of boxing experts. If a boxer is on a winning streak, it is most likely he will continue, but this is never a guarantee as each bout is different from the ones before. If there is a rematch, historical results are the best to go on. If you are interested in trying out online boxing betting, you have come to the right place. You can find all the best US online sports betting sites reviewed, rated and recommended just for you, right here!