Online Cricket Betting USA

For most US sports fans, cricket is not a game many people are familiar with. Even though cricket is not that prevalent in the States, it is considered to be one of the most popular international sports. International competitive cricket is mostly played in the commonwealth countries including England, India, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Because of its international appeal, online cricket betting has become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. Today US sports fans have to opportunity to join in on the action. With online betting anyone in the states can place an online bet at any time from any computer or mobile betting device.

If you are new to Cricket and online cricket betting, the first thing you should know is that there are a few types’ cricket games that are played internationally. First-class or test cricket is one of the oldest forms of the game and is considered to be a true test of endurance and skill. As happens fairly often, test cricket can end in a tie after 5 days of competition. For those who are looking for a quicker game and faster betting results, one day or limited overs cricket is the way to go. In these games each team is allotted 50 overs in which to complete their runs. For even more action and speed, bettors might be interested in the increasingly popular Twenty20 matches where teams only play 20 overs and the game only lasts for a maximum of three hours.

With online Cricket Betting, US bettors can choose from a variety of interesting betting options. For the novice bettor, a straight win/lose bet is the best option and requires nothing more than predicting which team will win the match. For the more experienced cricket enthusiast, there are the more exotic cricket bets that can be placed. Examples of the various types of exotic bets include:

  • Man of the Match – Betting on which player will win man of the match
  • Partnership bet – This is a bet on which two players will put up the highest partnership
  • Top batsman – This is a bet on which batsman will get the top batsman award in the match
  • Best Bowler – This is a bet on which bowler will win the best bowler award in the match
  • First 50 – This is a bet on which player will get the first 50 runs.
  • Total score – This is a bet on what the total combined score will be in the match
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Online Cricket Betting Tips

With online Cricket Betting, the key is to understand as much about the game as possible. Like any sport, cricket is a complex game that is combines fitness, skill and mental stamina. In order to place a winning cricket bet, a bettor should become familiar with the various teams and world rankings. If a team is playing on home ground, chances are they hold the mental advance. If a strong team is missing a few players due to injuries, this could drastically alter the team dynamics and cause a major upset. For the novice bettor it is best to start with a straight win/lose bet before moving on to more exotic types of bets. If you want to get started with online cricket betting, you are in luck. For your convenience we have provided you with a complete list of all the best online sports betting sites in the US.