Online NBA Betting USA

The National Basketball Association is a favorite with American bettors and NBA fans love the fact that they can enhance the excitement and entertainment factor of a game by betting on it. The best American online sportsbooks all offer you the chance to bet on games, players and events that happen during and after season, and there’s no better place to wager than at the sites we suggest.

NBA betting attracts a huge number of US basketball fans and at the sportsbooks we recommend you’ll be able to get in on the action and place bets with ease.

There are numerous different types of bets you can place on NBA games and we’ve explained the most popular variants here to help you get your wagering experience off to a great start. Being informed as to what type of bet you are placing, how the odds work and what the stats were for previous games will give you the edge and ensure that you place solid wagers whenever possible.

This bet is one of the most simple and bettors must choose who will be the games winner. These bets are not that lucrative if there is a clear cut favorite, but should the underdogs rise to the top the potential for a large win is great.

Sportsbooks will set a handicap or point spread to ensure that the game is as close to even as it possibly can be. Bettors then have to determine whether they think the favorite team will cover the spread in order to emerge as the winners.

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Game Total/Over/Under Bets:

Bettors must wager on either the total score of the game or on whether a team will score over or under a specific amount of points per game. If betting on the team total only, you’ll pick a team and bet on their final score being over/under rather than on the combined total of both sides.

Quarter Bets:

With 4 12 minute quarters in every game, quarter bets let you wager on each section of game. You can also wager on the first or second half only and both options allow you to closely examine trends and determine what the best option is as the game unfolds.

Multi/Parlay Bets:

In a multi-bet you must have 2 or more picks and each must prove to be correct for the bet to cash. These bets are placed per a fixed number of games and only certain types of wagers can be parlayed together.

Futures Bets:

These bets can be made before or during season but are not graded until the close of the year. You can bet on the successes or failures of a player or a team and these bets are often long shots that offer big rewards. Some examples of futures bets include betting on who will win Rookie of the Year Award, which team will win the NBA Championship or Western or Eastern Conference and what 2 teams will make it to the finals.

Props Bets:

Very popular with casual bettors, these bets let you wager on games without having to bet on moneyline, under/over or handicaps. Typical props bets include wagering on who will score the first basket, which team will win the opening Tip-Off or how many assists a player will have during the game.

Unlimited NBA Bets Online

With off-season draft bets, the All Star game, Rivalry games, the playoffs and the NBA Finals being just some of the available options there’s almost unlimited access to NBA betting at the top American sportsbooks online. Live betting is also available and this type of wagering is incredibly exciting as you can bet on the game almost in real time.

For the best in NBA betting action online choose one of our recommended American friendly sports betting sites and start wagering on a riveting game that has so much to offer.