NHL Betting Online

The NHL is one of America’s bigger sporting leagues and it comprises of 30 membership clubs, with 7 hailing from Canada and 23 from within the USA. Considered to be the world’s premier ice hockey league, the NHL offers bettors numerous wagering opportunities that can be accessed at America’s top online sportsbooks.

To make your NHL betting experience exemplary we bring you the best US-friendly online sportsbooks offering a great number of internet betting options that give you the chance to win big when the pros take to the ice. The end of the NHL season is marked by the Stanley Cup which is awarded annually to the team that emerges as the playoffs champion, and this trophy is the oldest in North America, adding to its prestige. Betting for the Stanley Cup attracts a huge number of fans and futures bets on this game are especially popular with those who love the fast pace and physical nature of a sport in which anything can happen.

Before you start NHL betting it’s important to understand how the different types of bets work and what they entail. An informed bettor always stand a better chance of making a solid bet as they have evaluated the stats and past performance of a team, as well as evaluated the current influencing factors, and know exactly what they are putting their money on.

Understanding money lines and puck lines is a big part of successful betting and a number of top US sportsbooks also give bettors the chance to wager on the “Grand Salami” which refers to the total of all games that are played over the course of one day. This rather oddly named bet is an institution for many NHL fans and allows you to have an invested interest in all games played with the cost of only 1 bet. The Grand Salami is a risky bet, but when it pays off it can be incredibly lucrative.

There are a number of smart tips and strategies that you can apply when enjoying NHL betting and we’ve listed a few to help improve your chances of accurately predicting a winner.

  • Do Some Research

Bettors who have done their homework are far more likely to pick a winner. Although this sport is notoriously difficult to predict as the skill levels are often so closely matched and the unpredictable nature of the game can come in to play at any time, being informed will help you bet better.

  • Check a Team’s History

From knowing whether a team has been enjoying a winning streak to whether they played the night before, it’s always good to check up on the team you want to wager on and make sure their performance has been at its peak.

  • Look at the Goalie
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The goalie is the most important player in an NHL game and has more impact than any other team member. Check if there’s a first stringer or a backup goalie in the net and make sure that they are on form. It’s also important that a team has an excellent defense, so consider betting on a side that has performed well in this area.

These betting tips will guide you towards picking a side that will hopefully come out on top and make you a winner too.

If you want to enjoy NHL betting at the best American sports betting sites get in on the icy action at one of our top rated, recommended sites and start enjoying wagering on this exciting sport online.